Path of Exile 2 announced, but Players of Part 1 lose nothing


At ExileCon 2019, the developer Grinding Gear Games announced a version for smartphones in addition to a Path of Exile 2.

At ExileCon 2019, a trade fair around Path of Exile, the players were expecting the presentation of a major Update 4.0. Instead, the developer unexpectedly announced Path of Exile 2. Veterans of the first part, however, lose nothing. Much more, the team seems to be doing the same as Blizzard with Overwatch 2.
The founder of the studio Grinding Gear Games made it clearthat they do not want to divide the community. That's why both titles share the Atlas endgame. In addition, Path of Exile 2 includes everythingits predecessor already offers. However, it adds a new skill system, new Ascendancy classes, and engine enhancements. Among other things, the developers presented the transformation into a werewolf. A skill that you will have not only in PoE 2, but also in the first part.
Microtransactions are preserved: Those who have already invested money in Path of Exile will not lose their investment. You can continue to use all purchased items in the successor.

Overview: What's in Path of Exile 2
Story: Includes the story of Part 1 and a new story. The latter takes place 20 years after The Death of Kitava and is expected to comprise a total of seven acts.
Classes: 19 Ascendancy classes are planned.
Equipment: All armor and weapons are updated.
New skill system: It will be possible to six-link all skills.
Start of the beta phase: The first beta phase is scheduled to start by the end of 2020 at the latest.
The developer plans to release more information about Path of Exile 2 in the course of the coming year. This includes changes to the passive skilltree and other core elements of the game. These include those adjustments that could not be made to the existing characters of the first part. With Path of Exile 2 you can see a way to do it now.

Mobile version also comes

In addition to Path of Exile 2, the team also announced an offshoot of smartphones called Path of Exile Mobile. It is important to the developer that this is not a common mobile game. He explains that "many mobile titles are shit," but you could say the same about Free2Play titles when Path of Exile was released in 2012.
In order to achieve the goal of a good mobile PoE, the title is not developed externally, but directly by Grinding Gear Games. One has in front of create a "good game that happens to be played on a mobile phone". 
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